Eurospec’s prototyping team strives for high quality and efficient timing. Our in-house prototyping capabilities allow Eurospec to meet customers’ needs for fast and cost effective turnarounds. Prototype parts can be produced as low to medium volume; Tooling will be built according to these volumes.

We design and build our prototypes with a mindset of a “production intent process” to ensure that parts can be made in a production environment at a later date. Our focus is to create products and assemblies that provide multiple benefits while maintaining high levels of strength. Manufacturing components with decreased sub-assemblies, fewer weld points, and reduced material, are Eurospec’s top design criteria.

Customer interaction and feedback is always used during the prototype process to ensure product design and feasibility. If a customer has a product that cannot be manufactured as designed Eurospec works jointly with the customer to overcome such issues. This typically leads to Eurospec attaining the tooling, stamping and assembly production work.

Please contact our sales department should you wish to discuss our prototyping capabilities further. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.